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Product Manager

I am a product person to the core, ticking all boxes of an experienced agile product manager with startup co-founder and investment experience on top. In short, I make things happen ... and I lead pirate ships (i.e. cross-functional agile teams).

"I have worked with many great PM's over the years, but I can honestly say that Tina is the queen of them all. She has a long list of qualities, but I will highlight the three that are most important. [...] "
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Christian, Co-Founder and CTO

"There are two kinds of people: those who have worked with a great product manager and those that have not. Anyone who has worked with Tina, will agree that she is among the best. She has changed my view on what a great product manager can do for a team. [...]"
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Wouter, Senior UX Designer

Jun. Frontend Developer

I am a passionate product manager. But without the necessary skills to execute, the best vision is of little value. In fall 2015, I decided to become a full-stack product creator and took a "code sabbatical" - 3 months, 40 hours of coding per week, together with a personal mentor at Bloc.io. These are the first steps of my coding journey:

  • Code Gym

    September 2015


    HMTL & CSS, Bootstrap

    "Coding is not just for developers" That's the motto of {code.gym}, a project I initiated in Hamburg to share my love for "casual coding". {code.gym} was the first project I wrote from scratch and without a tutorial: a responsive website hosted on Github Pages with forms powered by Google Forms.
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  • Bloc Jams

    October 2015

    Bloc Jams

    Vanilla Javascript & jQuery

    Bloc Jams is a basic music player. The goal of this project was to jump into JavaScript and develop the interface and interactions of the player and album view. First, I wrote all functions in vanilla JavaScript and afterwards refactored everything with jQuery.
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  • Bloc Jams Angular

    October / November 2015

    Bloc Jams II

    Angular JS

    After finishing the first version of Bloc Jams, I used it as the foundation to work with my first MVC framework: AngularJS. Within approx. 1.5 weeks I got from zero experience to refactoring the entire project with AngularJS.
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  • Brain Bites

    November / December 2015


    Meteor, ReactJS, MongoDB, Mocha

    {brain.bites} is a hybrid app for web and mobile that helps you build your own custom online courses and link lists. The goal was to build a complete Javascript-driven app from scratch - including routing, custom authentication, backend and unit tests. I chose ReactJS to explore a pure component-based framework and the uni-directional data-flow of Flux.
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  • Node Todo

    December 2015

    Prototype: Node-ToDo

    NodeJS, Command Line

    I chose JavaScript as my "first language" because of its diverse application options for client- and server-side projects. Node-Todo is a small prototype for a command-line task-app written in NodeJS, powered by LevelDB and Commander.
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