Train your coding skills as you train your body

You don’t go to the gym to become a professional athlete. You train because it’s good for your body and your health. Why not do the same for your skills and your brain? Join a { code gym } circle to train your coding skills on a regular basis, with nice people and your personal training plan.


Coding is not just for developers

Not everybody wants to work as a software developer. Not everybody wants to worry about UI toolkits and databases. But no matter if you work in an agency, as a marketing expert, journalist or project manager - code literacy is not a niche skill any more. It’s the requirement for participation and being successful in a digital world.

However, learning how to code is like starting a new sport or setting yourself the goal to finally become fit and healthy - it can be daunting. Especially if you're completely on your own. But, just like sports, persistence is key and everything changes once you've found the right environment that supports you in your endeavor -
welcome to { code gym }.

How it works

{ code gym } is all about training your coding skills regularly. And like in any other gym, you don't have to work on the same projects or be at the same level as the other members. You just work-out together. { code gym } is open to all levels and provides the right environment to train the skills that are important to you.

Register to become member of a { code gym } circle

A circle is your training group. It consists of 5-9 people and will stay together for four weeks. You can drop out of the circle after these four weeks. Or you just continue together in the next four-weeks-cycle.

Define your goals and set up your training plan

First, you will define a training plan. And don't worry, if you don't know where to start. We help you set your goals and find the right material and tutorials to work with.

Your circle meets twice a week - no excuses

You can learn at your own pace and with your own goals. There is no need to rush. The important thing however is continuity. Therefore, your circle meets twice a week - no excuses!

We meet in cozy places, not classrooms

{ code gym } is not a school. There is no teacher and no need to be quiet. Feed yourself with whatever you need, ask your peers if you're stuck and feel free to just socialize with the rest of the group if your brain needs a break. We want to help you enjoy pumping up your coding muscles.

What does it cost?

By participating regularly, everyone in your circle will have a motivating group to look forward to every week. That is how you will achieve your goals. Same with the gym, right? But since our inner couch potato is a pretty challenging beast, we will give you another incentive:

At the start date of your first circle, you will deposit a fee. If you show up every session for five weeks, you will get the full amount back. However, if you miss more than two sessions, your money is gone.
The math is easy:
You stick around = you win!

Register for the next circle in your city

Moin moin, Hamburg!

You live in Hamburg and want to join the next circle? Great! Hamburg is the first city on our journey to spread the word about { code gym } around the world. Secure your place in the next { code gym } circle now.

My City

You want to bring { code gym } to your city? We will roll out { code gym } in more and more cities around the world. Tell us where you live and we'll keep you updated once we have the first dates scheduled in your city.

You don’t need to become a developer to gain from having some coding skills. Same as you don’t need to become a professional athlete to know that exercising is good for you.

However, most coding courses out there are either meant to get you job ready (bootcamps) or way to short to help you build a solid foundation (1-2 day courses or online tutorials). { code gym } wants to provide you with an inspiring and friendly environment that helps you train your coding skills regularly.

Register Now

We get it, everyone loves Friday bars but … what about a (slightly) healthier and more useful incentive for your team? Corporate training is expensive and often doesn’t hundred percent match the needs of the individual employee.

Let's talk about how we can kick-off a { code gym } circle in your company - to support your (non-tech) team members in training their coding literacy in a continuous and fun way.

{ code gym } circles create inspiring and fun environments for everyone eager to develop their coding skills and tech literacy. You want to support us in spreading the word and build a growing network of <code:gyms> around the world? Great! Talk to us about how you can become a sponsor and present your brand to the { code gym } circles.


Any further questions? Or do you want to discuss opportunities for companies and sponsors? Just leave us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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